Why am I locked out of my account?

If you login with the wrong details more than 3 times the site locks the account for security. The account is unlocked after 15 minutes automatically.

I have forgotten my password

Click HERE to reset your password.

Can I change my chosen reward?

The deadline to change your chosen reward was 14th May.

How can I check my progress?

Click My Progress to see your current sales and targets. Sales are uploaded weekly every Tuesday from 23rd March until 15th June. Please Note: Any sales made 3 days before the last upload may not show until next week's upload.

How do I claim my reward?

You will be asked to login between 16th – 30th June 2021 to claim if you hit your target.

When will my reward arrive?

All rewards claimed by 30th June will be received by 12th July.

- If you selected Love2Shop, keep an eye out for an email with your reward code in.

- If you selected Jewson Credit, this will be added to your account.

How do I change my details?

If you need to update your details, please enter them HERE. Please note, this change will only apply for this promotion and not across your account. If you need to update your address you must contact your branch.

Why are my reward £s not going over £3,000?

Rewards are capped at £3,000.

Can I split my reward with Love 2 Shop & Jewson Credit?

Unfortunately not, you must choose one reward option before 14th May.

Can I link my accounts?

If you have more than one account with Jewson make all your £££s count! Request to link your accounts by contacting marketing@jewson.co.uk.

How long is the campaign running?

- Registration closed on 14th May

- Last chance to change rewards was 14th May

- Promotion closed 12th June (Sales count from 15th March - 12th June)

How is my target calculated?

All targets are based on your 3-month average spend between July – December 2020. If you are a new account, you target is a standard target of £2,000 for match and £2,200 for stretch.

Why are my sales not showing / up to date?

Sales are uploaded every Tuesday from 23rd March until 15th June. Please Note: Any sales made 3 days before the last upload may not show until the following week.

How do I know what are direct sales?

You can see the break-down of your direct sales at My Progress HERE. Please speak to your branch team if you have any queries.

What is my Account Number?

Usually, your Account Number is 4 letters and 3 numbers (for example ABCD789). It can be found on your last invoice, statement, or branch transaction but if you are still not sure please ask your branch who will be able to tell you.

Why is my Account Number not recognised?

Make sure you are using your main Jewson Account Number to register. If you have multiple accounts you wish to link, please contact marketing@jewson.co.uk, but register for the promotion using your main account. Unfortunately, rebate, national and civils customers are not eligible for this promotion.

Why is my postcode not recognised?

Make sure you are using the postcode registered on your Jewson Account. This is normally your company's registered postcode.


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